Solstice CD

My first CD is Solstice, containing a total of 18 tracks. The track information can be found further below, aswell as a picture of the CD cover and 3 songs to sample!! One of those is the full track, the other two are partials. I hope you enjoy the music, see further below for contact details.

Solstice CD cover
Artwork by Jane Courtman
Track Listing

1.) Solstice
2.) The Lonesome Boatman.
3.) Fear A Bhata
Mingulay Boat Song
4.) So Here's To You
5.) Amhran Shineade
6.) The Tree Of Life
7.) Brighton Camp
8.) Jack In The Green
9.) Casadh An't Sugain
10.) The Water Is Wide
11.) Eamon An Chuic
Wild Mountain Thyme
12.) Rimmon
13.) The Londonderry Air
14.) Come By The Hills
15.) The Blue Hand
16.) Midsummer Dance
17.) Dark Island
18.) The Chrysalis
The Butterfly


Click Here For Full Track Info

Click here to play 3 samples from the album! (Note: Requires flash player. Click to download)

The CD price is only 10 pounds, and is now available at: -

- Arley Hall and Gardens, Antrobus, Cheshire.
- Park Bridgeheritage Centre, Ashton-under-Lyne.
- Lymefield Visitor Centre, Broadbottom, Mottram.
- Brownhill Visitor Centre, Uppermill.

If you would like more information on the CD, or you are interested in buying, contact me for details: © 2003 - 2006, John Courtman. All Right Reserved.
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