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23/07/06 The new CD, "Back To The Hill" is now out and available for purchase!
Site will be updated shortly with more in-depth information
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11/07/06 The website colour scheme and style has been revamped slightly for the better.
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23/10/05 The solstice CD is going to be used by Dreamscope Productions for a program entitled ‘Into the unknown’, to be shown on Granada Television (Northwest England) for 6 weeks beginning November 10th.
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23/10/05 The Inspired By Nature festival was a great success, photographs of the Dougie Maclean concert supported by Whistleman to follow soon on the up-and-coming gallery page!

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If you are interested in buying the Solstice CD then e-mail me by clicking here. The same directions are given on the contact & CD page.

Welcome to whistleman.co.uk!

Navigate this site using the navigation menu above - you can check out my discography page for details of my latest work! Furthermore, you can sample tunes from my CD's; but they may take a while to load so make sure you check the rest of my site first! Any outstanding comments or queries will be gladly answered if you simply contact me (see the contact page).

A bit about me
I have been playing penny whistles for many years, since I was fourteen in fact, however I didn't compose my own tunes until the turn of the century. I have been playing low whistles since 1996
 I run workshops for festivals, which gives me a great sense of achievement.

Here's a picture of me playing a low d whistle at the cross keys, Uppermill:

Photo copyrighted and credited to Barry Shallcroft.


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